Yoga Courses

Indimasi Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga

Indimasi Institute of Ayurveda and Yoga headed by Guru Yogi Shivan, conducts certified professional level Yoga Teachers Training Courses. Affiliated to Yoga Alliance International (YAI), the courses prepare a person to be a certified yoga trainer. The courses follow the standards set by the Yoga Alliance International. The classes will empower an individual on his onward journey in the Yogic path, travelled by the great Gurus of Yoga. Following the Gurukula system, Yoga student stays in the Ashram and learns Yoga from the Guru. The curriculum is prepared in such a way that it will open up a new avenue of amazing possibilities of Yoga. The mission of the training course is to impart the right lessons to those keen to learn yoga. Also, during the stay Yoga students will get to learn the healing properties of food. The food for the participants will be provided from the Yogic restaurant. Apart from the teachers training courses, Indimasi also provides research oriented courses for professional yoga trainers.

Course Fee (with Accommodation &food )

• Teachers Training Course : 100 hours (Two weeks) – 1000 Euro
• Advanced Teachers Training Course : 150 hours (One month) – 1500 Euro
• Yoga Research Course: You will get to learn Sri VidyaUpasana – Tripura Sundari Mantra Sadhana – Introductory Course (Three months) – 5000 Euro


Basic Level Yoga Course

The 2 week Course is intended for beginners who want to learn curative or therapeutic yoga.

850 Euro.